What is „Europe makes School in Estonia“?

EMS is a programme that gives you the opportunity to realise a small school project about your home country. You visit one Estonian school class and meet the teacher as well as the pupils. You choose a subject regarding your home country and carry out a project with your teacher in the class.

Thus you can turn your stay in Estonia into something special. You experience your host country close to!

How to put together a project?

You choose the subject for your project together with your tutor at the school.
History – Politics – Language – Food – Music – Sport – You can choose any subject you find important and interesting.

What happens when?
February                Binding application for the programme
February                Coordination meeting in Tartu
March                    Preparatory pedagogical seminar
March, April, May   Realisation of the planned project in the class
May                      Joint presentation of all projects and final event

Important Questions

Who can take part in the programme?
The programme is offered to European students from every field of study.

Will I be all alone in the class?
No! The teacher stays with you in the class when you carry out your project and supports you in the planning of the project.

How much effort will the project take?
Your project will consist of one to three visits to the school. Additionally you may have preparatory meetings with the teacher. At the end you will present the project at the closing event and you will write a short (1.5 – 2 pages) report about it.

Will there be costs?
No, there will be no additional costs for you. You transportation costs will be covered by the hosting school.

What will I have to take into account?
Your application for the programme is binding. This means that your school counts on you.

Who is my contact person?
The „Europe makes school in Estonia“-team is on hand for you throughout your project. In case of questions or problems they are happy to support you.

How can I apply?
On our website, you will find an application form for completion by you. If you have any questions, please send an email to ems.estonia@gmail.com.

And how can you turn it into a project?
Here too, there are no limits for your imagination. You can rehearse a stage play, analyse newspaper articles, design comic strips, shoot a film or …

The most important thing is that your project is creative and suitable for the age of your pupils. They should be able to actively take part in the project. Thus everybody can experience the richness of European culture.

Information about the programme and applying:


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