Your country as a school project

You can choose the theme for your project. What are the things that you would like Estonian pupils to know about your country? You can also decide how you present your material. Here you have an opportunity to be creative and make it interesting to pupils and to yourself as well!

How does it all work?

EMS-Estonia team will find you a school in Estonia. Together with a teacher from that school you will plan and conduct your project. You will visit the school one to three times. Most likely you will have to talk in English in the classroom but if the school is interested, it is also possible that your project will be in your mother tongue. In the end you will make a short presentation about your project for the other participating exchange students and EMS-Estonia team.

Your advantages

You have an opportunity for extraordinary experience: through your project you can learn a lot about the Estonia and Estonian people.

You can be the ambassador of your country and present your country and culture to Estonian pupils.

You will receive a certificate and a reimbursement of the costs of the project (e.g. public transportation or presentation material).

Conditions of participation

You are exchange student from one European country.

You will stay in Estonia at least until the end of June 2015.